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Today’s business environment is volatile. Many companies know something is wrong and they’re looking for a fix but aren’t sure where to begin.

To start, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is your company growing but your profit margins are low?
  • Is gross revenue growing, but net income isn’t?
  • Do you have high turnover and are you having trouble attracting talent?

Carla Zilka will guide you through developing a productive, efficient, workplace culture, where you can improve your employee productivity and lower health care costs by reducing employee stress at work resulting in increased profit for bottom line growth. Better culture makes happier employees which lowers company cost and boosts productivity.

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Carla Zilka, Consultant, Speaker, Master Coach, and Trainer

Carla has dedicated her life to helping companies find success using her innovative processes, tools and techniques. She helps companies and leaders achieve their strategic business goals while creating an engaging environment for their employees to thrive. Carla’s expertise in Business and Culture Transformation, allows her to get to the root of any issue for any size business and create a plan to help the business grow and thrive..

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