Take Out the Stress with a Professional Facilitation Expert

I’m a certified Master Facilitator whose only goal is to ensure your event is:

  • On time, efficiently run and smooth as silk, making your event successful!
  • Fun and engaging – delivering a day the attendees will never forget!
  • Inclusive, compassionate and empathetic to the attendee’s personality types and communication styles, leaving everyone feeling heard and understood.

The good news is, I bring more to the table then the average facilitator. When you engage me, your getting over 20+ years working in the corporate world with some of the top companies and leaders in the world. That experience gives me an advantage because I’ve been in your attendee’s shoes. I can relate to their problems and solve many of the ones they are facing. I bring best practices and real-life examples to help support the overall goal of a successful event. And I do it all with a bit of humor and wit.

When you hire me you’re getting:

  • Design and development of a solid agenda and itinerary for the event
  • Materials to present and handout to attendees
  • Access to benchmarks and case studies from the best institutions in the world (optional added service)
  • Tools to work through during your event (optional added service)

Whatever your goal, I’ll ensure you meet and exceed it.

Have questions? Contact me to schedule a time to discuss.
Meeting Professionals Love Carla

A Message For Meeting Professionals

Dear Meeting Planner,

I know how hard your job is. You have a task to accomplish, that if something goes wrong, it’s your fault. Yet there is so much that CAN go wrong. So, it’s important you work with a professional speaker and facilitation expert that will guarantee nothing goes wrong.

I’m easy to deal with, 100% professional and responsible and will make your event a success.

Want to see if I’m the right fit? Go ahead and click on the contact link below to schedule a time to discuss your needs.

All the best,

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