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Increase Your Bottom Line Through Empathetic Leadership


Generational shifts have been making a large impact on the traditional, long-legacy companies and the results are showing declines in profit margins. Discover new ways to engage the emerging generation of employees through proper engagement. Your employees will be more loyal, will increase their performance and be more productive. This will lower voluntary attrition and healthcare costs, as well as increase your bottom line. Certified in the Science of Happiness at Work by UC Berkeley, Carla Zilka presents the behavioral science behind your employees so you can start to integrate into your management/leadership style ways to get the most out your employees.

Change Leadership 2020


As Baby-boomers transition out of the workforce and the new generations move in, the way employees want to be led is also transitioning. In this presentation, Carla Zilka provides insight into Human Capital Management that will improve your management’s coaching skills to guarantee they connect with employees in ways that build strong relationships, increase productivity, and enhance loyalty. The business landscape is changing drastically creating challenges with motivating and retaining talent, with one of the biggest culprits being the huge generational communication gap between employees and leadership. Carla Zilka will help you discover how to create a Cultural Competitive Advantage that will set you apart from your customers.

Preparing for the Workforce of the Future: Actions CEO’s Can Take Right Now


In this presentation, Carla will reveal how to achieve operational excellence and build capacity within your workforce. Before you can grow, you must first prepare your organization to scale to ensure operations run smoothly. You want to cultivate a workforce culture that is committed to performance by offering employees the chance to “work smarter not harder”. Carla Zilka will show you how to assess your level of operational excellence, create a plan towards operational excellence and implement the proper processes and rewards so that your business can drive that competitive advantage into growing margins and shrinking losses.

When You Work with Carla Zilka, You Get Results!

Carla Zilka has the experience and industry knowledge to help guide your business into the next decade. She plays an integral role in developing the strategic architecture that will serve as the road map for future growth, and will help position your business at the forefront of the generational transition in the workforce.

Through her interactive speeches and workshops, your leadership team will gain the insight needed to achieve competitive advantages through positive work culture, improving all aspects of employee engagement and retention.

Having worked with Carla and NexGen Advisors, I have witnessed firsthand how theory and process are translated into extraordinary business impact. - Carl Guarino, CEO, ICG Commerce
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